CPQ Visualization Tools

Configure One CPQ includes powerful visualization tools for configuring products with rich, interactive visualization features that react to configuration changes in real time. Customers can see exactly how their choices affect the design of the product and get a feel for how the final product will look.

Real Time 3D

Configure One’s Real Time 3D offers incredibly lightweight CPQ visualization that updates in real time as users choose different product options. Real Time 3D supports interactivity with photorealistic models and animations using native browser functionality on any device with no need to download plugins!


Bring products to life with complex, multi-step animations. These animations can be automatically triggered as the user makes changes to the product configuration to show the product’s operation and range of motion, making it educational, as well as eye-catching.

Product Snapshots

Snapshot images can be collected manually or automatically from multiple camera views. The snapshot images can then be included in the configuration results and dynamically generated quote documents.

Dynamic Assembly

Generate millions of unique configurations on-the-fly without needing to create each permutation manually ahead of time. Product rules define which components to use and places them properly within the 3D scene.


Real Time 2D

Product configurations can use dynamic drawings and vector graphics with Configure One’s Real Time 2D CPQ visualization. Real Time 2D supports panning, zooming, and interactive configuration using native browser functionality.

Interactive Display

Real Time 2D allows customers to interact with the product through panning, zooming, and clickable hot-spots. Reduce change requests by helping customers visualize the affect of each product option.

Lightweight Drawings

Real Time 2D uses JavaScript to construct two-dimensional images during the configuration process without the higher overhead requirements of 3D or CAD modeling.


CAD Integration

Configure One leverages your CAD models and drawings to automatically generate fully configured 3D models, sales drawings, and production drawings. Your customers and sales representatives can view CAD outputs almost instantly, instead of waiting days or weeks for engineers to put together a custom design. Configure One’s CAD automation supports:


  • Autodesk Inventor

  • PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)

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