Bill of Material

Dynamically generate a customized bill of material for every configuration. Configure One bills of material use rules and logic to eliminate the errors and inefficiency of manual BOM creation. Bills of material can be viewed at every step of the configurequoteorder process. A dynamically generated BOM can even be displayed while selecting components on the configuration interface.


Configure One bills of material use easy-to-implement logic to determine which items to include based on each unique configuration. They can also include equations for calculating square footage, length, or any other required unit of measure.


Every configuration can generate multiple bills of material, such as a sales BOM and a manufacturing BOM. Each BOM type can be configured to display pricing, costs, item quantity, and more. BOMs can be edited to add or remove items as needed directly from the quote or order interface.


Generate manufacturing routings specific to each configuration, providing your shop floor with step-by-step manufacturing instructions. Routings compile a list of included items and can calculate the setup and assembly time for each step in the manufacturing process.

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